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Hi, I’m Sandy Forster and my passion is empowering women around the world. If you’re a women entrepreneur with a small or home-based business, WildlyWealthyWomen is your own personal paradise packed with information, ideas, tips and secrets to help you take your business and your life to the next level!

After a divorce I raised my two babies on my own while trying to run a business. I didn’t have the mindset, information or support needed to make it work and ended up over $100,000 in debt and on welfare.

However… once I discovered the Law of Attraction, the power of the internet and the magic of marketing everything began to change.

I launched a home-based business and my prosperity grew, I paid off debts and focused on creating a life that made my heart sing. I’ve gone from welfare to millionaire and my life is a fun-filled extraordinary adventure and that’s what I want for you! I’ve gone from welfare to millionaire and I love to share my secrets. I’ve learnt so much about how to create a successful business, in fact in 2008 I was awarded Mentor of the Year – selected from some of the most influential and successful business women on the planet AND in 2010 I won Australian Business of the Year. I’ve mentored women from around the world build a business they love – Wildly Wealthy Women will inspire and empower you to create an extraordinary life!

As a member, you’ll have access to:

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  • Wildly Wealthy Women’s Wicked Weekends around the world
  • and much, much more!

Become one of our Wildly Wealthy Women and you’ll be part of the longest running, most life-changing women’s mentoring program in the world

You Will Discover the Secrets of…

  • Abundance and Prosperity
  • Entrepreneurial and Business Success
  • Attracting Clients easily
  • Internet business building tips
  • Balance in Body, Mind and Spirit

Here’s your chance to BE, DO and HAVE more than you ever thought possible.

Join our community of tens of thousands of like-minded women from around the world and you too can create a life filled with wonder, joy and experiences that make YOUR heart sing!

We also offer a variety of prosperity focused products, programs and events which will inspire you, empower you and enable you to live a life you truly love!

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Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been in business for years, rather than spend more time, energy and thousands of dollars doing it on your own…

Wildly Wealthy Women™ will Support and Empower You to Build a Business and Life You LOVE!

As a Wildly Wealthy Women member, you’ll discover simple, practical and proven ideas to attract more prosperity while working less, making more money, freeing up your time, and enjoying more bliss. If you are…

  • A new business owner
  • A single girl or work-at-home mum
  • An entrepreneur looking for greater success
  • Thinking about leaving your career and striking out on your own
  • Wanting to connect with thousands of like-minded women from around the world…

    Then Wildly Wealthy Women is the answer you’ve been seeking,

You’ll be Encouraged, Supported and Inspired to Create Your Own Success

Wildly Wealthy Women is the longest running most successful international women’s mentoring program in the world and we’d love YOU to join us!

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“I have been a coach for 15 years but after listening to Sandy I was able to define my niche by focusing on what I was already doing for my clients and then create my first website.

On the FIRST DAY I opened my web site I made $7000 from just one email and then another $14,000 in the very first MONTH. I’ve used Sandy’s recommended tools and steps to create sales and also become a published author. Since my web site launched 7 months ago I have grown my data base by almost 2000 people and am now making around $7000 a month.”

Stephanie Slavin, Wealth Coach for Entrepreneurs, North Carolina USA

"Learning from Sandy has changed my world. I was a financial planner working for a salary and now I run my own profitable business. My income has tripled and I've created a saleable asset from nothing!"
Nicole Pertzel, Melbourne, Australia

"From having an accident and breaking my spine in 3 places and being in the depths of despair (attempting suicide a number of times but obviously not very good at it) I discovered you. Since then I have published three books as well as contributing to one of your compilation books. I have my own website, write a column for a magazine as well as being featured as an 'online expert' for a number of women's sites and inspire women to create the life they love. My life has been turned around a full 180 degrees in less than twelve months. For that, I am grateful"
Danette Hibberd -

"I went from being close to bankruptcy, to selling my home 3 days after listing it for double what I paid for it and reinvesting the profits. The journey ahead can be described as exciting. After learning from Sandy I feel optimistic and open to the amazing abundance which lies ahead for me"
C. Felts MI - USA

"In the last four weeks my networking business has increased by 30% or around $20,000 a month in product sales, which is in alignment with my goals for your mentoring but beyond my wildest imaginings in terms of what I thought would happen"
J. Gaydon - Australia

"I have just had an increase at work - it was supposed to be $5,000 but ended up being $15,000!"
Amanda - USA

I am thrilled to be part of the WWW program this year! I am super impressed already! Having only just signed up, miraculous changes in such a short space of time. The creativity button in terms ideas and opportunities has gone into overdrive! It’s like mini explosions of business ideas! So thank you thank you thank you.”
Fiona, NSW

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"I have managed to reduce my debt by $30k since joining Wildly Wealthy Women. Reducing our debt is taking an enormous burden from our shoulders."
Kerryn, Sunshine Coast QLD

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"Since starting Wildly Wealthy Women my husband and I have paid out 3 credit cards and an outstanding tax debt... we are so proud of our accomplishments. I've started working with a new company in a job that is everything that I asked for and so much more. Plus to add to all this I seem to have become a money magnet… Our combined household income has increased significantly and we seem to have an abundance of refunds coming our way. I wanted to let you know that I could possibly be the MOST excited person you have in the program, with such great results already my mind boggles at what could be achieved…"
Melissa, QLD

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"I feel honoured to be a part of one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I don't know if these words can truly reflect how I feel about Wildly Wealthy Women and the team that supports it. The balance of education, knowledge, motivation, aspiration and engagement is excellent."
Suzie C.

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"My husband and I attended your event (leaving five children behind and flying all the way from California). This was my first experience ever producing and selling an actual product - and I LOVE it! Within months I had a website business and was selling hundreds of products every day.

Since then I've launched another site for my Yoga Center (which I opened last year) using all the information I learnt, and it brings me in over $4000 per month and growing. I can't thank you enough."
Carol Stewart - mother of 6, Lodi, California USA

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